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Tues, Nov 16, 2021 - 12:15am

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From the Desk Of Zack Siegel

Dear Reader,

It wasn't too long ago that I was probably a lot like you.

All I wanted in the world was to build my dream life.

Social media was enthralled with all of the cars, beautiful women, travel pics, and excitement. Everyone looked like they were doing exceptionally and living the life of their dreams.

I wanted it to.

Deep Down I always knew that i was born for something greater

I used to stay up late at night and hibernate in my dorm room for hours on end studying all of the information and success stories that I could find.

I would skip going out to parties and (trying) to date girls because I had so much desire to finally get to where I wanted to go.

The one thing that I couldn't be more grateful that I learned early on was that if I got around more of the people who had the things that I wanted, I could have everything that they had.

Knowing this, it became my life's mission to read as many books as I could get my hands on by successful people, take their courses, visit their seminars, and do whatever I had to to get into rooms with winners.

...And that was when a pattern emerged

As I stayed plugged in and poured my money into courses, my skills continued to develop. My knowledge about how I could make money and achieve my life goals grew.

And that was when I finally hit it. I hit the business that I knew would make me rich forever.

it was digital marketing.

help enough people get what they want and you can have everything that you want

It hit me like a slap in the face.

I was watching a video on social media by Gary Vee when it happened. In discussion, he mentioned how he built a marketing agency (building a fortune in the process) as a means to grow any other business that he wanted to in the future.

Marketing and sales is by many considered the most important parts of every business.

Peter Drucker said, "There are two functions to business: innovation, and marketing."

Gary Vee, was mastering the most important skills to build a business by building other people's businesses.

The tools and strategies he learned, he was then using to build his own businesses.

It didn't end there.

While building other people's businesses and mastering the skills to do so, he was literally getting paid massively to do so.

I knew I struck gold

Over the next 4 years, I dove into every piece of material I could get my hands on. I worked countless sleepless nights and literally almost quit so many times.

It took me a few days to land my first client who paid my $10,000/month.

But it took me over a year and a half to land my second.

I've hired over 50 people, worked with over 100 businesses across the country, collected over a million dollars personally, and generated millions more for clients.

We've spent over $500,000 in online advertising and achieved so much more.

I tell you this because after ripping my hair out to scour through every course and piece of material I could find, I did the real-world testing to develop a profitable business that has allowed me to live the life of my dreams.

latin america will blow your mind

January 2, 2021 I flew out to Colombia and have been living all over Latin America ever since.

I work completely remotely as my business continues to grow. This year to date, we've generated over $590,000 USD online.

I must say, it's one of the most remarkable things in the world and I'm just 24 years old.

The best part isn't even the money or the lifestyle

I'm not here to flaunt and beat my chest about how awesome I am. I'm sharing this because I'm no different than you.

I used to wonder if it was really possible for me. I used to wish that my life's purpose would hit me like a rock in the head. I used to wish that my dreams would come true.

And then, I decided to take them into my hands and to create them.

I knew that there was absolutely nothing that could go wrong with me taking action on this business. From studying successful people, I recognized that they all committed to something for extended periods of time.

They had what I called, "aggressive patience." They knew that things took time to build, but were so aggressive to build them.

That said, they often hopped around various different businesses throughout their careers. The key was just getting started.

Just like you can't learn to swim outside of a pool, you can't learn what you want to do and desire outside of the business arena.

And so, I dove in headfirst.

And what I learned along the way was that it was so much more than money.

i hated myself when i made my first $20,000 in one month

Maybe you're not as fucked up as me haha... I hope.

Because for me it was so tough. The business itself isn't what I'm referring to.

I'm referring to how much I used to beat myself up and just hated myself. My mindset was terrible.

And so, throughout my journey of building my business, I learned to reach out for help and to hire coaches and mentors, and join networking communities.

Through this, I learned so much. And the most rewarding thing has been the communities that I've built.

The best part isn't the money. It's how different the people and the conversations are at each new level you hit.

The people and the doors that open up to you are remarkable.

Every day I get messages from people wanting help building their agency, scaling their business, and getting their minds right.

And that's why I finally decided to distill this down to a formula for anyone to do the same.

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success stories

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